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As Senator Lugar calls for cooperation, a reminder of the Lugar Center’s high regard for Joe’s bipartisanship

INDIANAPOLIS - Back in the news and increasing his calls for bipartisanship, Senator Lugar must be pleased that Joe Donnelly is heeding his words.

In an interview with the Indy Star’s Matt Tully published this morning, the former six-term Senator held forth on several topics but focused primarily on the need for more bipartisanship. “It’s hard to be productive,” Senator Lugar told the Star, “if you’re not willing to reach across the aisle.” Senator Lugar wants to see more legislation like last week’s deal between the president and congressional Democratic leadership, which Joe voted for, that addressed disaster relief funding and kept the government open.

The Lugar Center now publishes an annual bipartisan index in order to foster such cooperation, Senator Lugar continued, saying that “if no one is paying attention, nothing is likely to change.”

Luckily for Senator Lugar, at least one Hoosier has paid attention. As Tully notes, “Lugar’s eventual replacement,… Joe Donnelly, was recently ranked by the index as the second-most bipartisan senator.” This year, The Lugar Center ranked Joe as the most bipartisan Democrat and the second-most bipartisan legislator out of the 535 Members of Congress in Washington.

All five of Joe’s bills signed into law this year have been bipartisan:

The Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act, which strengthens our sanctions on Iran;

The Miners Protection Act, which protects health care benefits for retired mineworkers;

The Harry W. Colmery Veterans Education Assistance Act, which reforms the G.I. Bill to provide for reservists, surviving family members, and veterans facing school closures like the Hoosiers affected by ITT Tech;

The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act, which designates March 29th as Vietnam War Veterans Day;

And The Wounded Officers Recovery Act, which gives Capitol Police officers wounded in the line of duty access to additional funds that have been raised.

“Senator Lugar continues to call for more bipartisan cooperation in Washington, and a fellow Hoosier has answered,” said Peter Hanscom, Campaign Manager for Donnelly for Indiana. “Joe is proud that his efforts to reach across the aisle and deliver results for every Hoosier have been recognized year after year by The Lugar Center, and he’ll continue fighting for bipartisanship in Washington going forward.”