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IN THE NEWS: Joe’s Hoosier Highways RV Tour Draws Crowds, Brings Hoosiers “To Their Feet”

INDIANAPOLIS - From his fighting for veterans to his work combatting the opioid crisis, Joe knows what matters most to Hoosiers and has always put their interests first. Hoosiers know Joe is looking out for them - it’s why he’s ranked as “one of the most popular Senate Democrats in the country among voters of the opposing party.”

As Joe launches his re-election campaign and crisscrosses Indiana as part of his Hoosier Highways RV tour, see what voters are reading:

Indy Star: Typically unpolitical veteran's group kicks off Sen. Joe Donnelly's re-election campaign

It's unusual for a U.S. senator to walk through the Speedway VFW… Yet on Sunday afternoon, Indiana Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly made his way past the busy bar and buffet, shaking veterans' hands before announcing his re-election campaign. ‘He's a good ol' Indiana boy,’ Baker [a former All-American commander of the Ernie Pyle post] said.

Perhaps his strongest voter base, veterans at the Indianapolis event felt [Donnelly] was well-known among vets.

‘I don't think anybody represents us any better,’ said State Commander Rick Faulk, while introducing Donnelly.”

WTHR: Senator Joe Donnelly announces bid for reelection

Indiana Senior Senator Joe Donnelly made his bid for reelection official Monday morning in Anderson and he said why.

‘Everybody has the chance to fulfill their god given potential and that is why I'm running for reelection to the US Senate so that everyone has the chance to see their god given potential come true,’ Senator Donnelly said as his words were drown out by applause.

The Herald Bulletin: Donnelly vows to work with Republicans, Trump

“Democrat Joe Donnelly kicked off the second day of his re-election bid to the U.S. Senate proclaiming that the nation is stronger when everyone all works together.

Donnelly drew a crowd on Monday of more than 100 local Democrats at the United Auto Workers Local 1963 union hall in Anderson.

In his announcement comments, Donnelly stressed how he has worked with Republicans in Indiana and in the Congress to make the world safer and to bring prosperity to the nation.

Donnelly said his job is to be a voice in Washington for Indiana farmers, small-business owners and working mothers.”

The Statehouse File: Donnelly announces re-election campaign in Anderson

A passionate crowd of Democrats made their way to the United Auto Workers building in Anderson Monday where they cheered on U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly as he announced his run for a second term.

During his speech,Donnelly stressed the importance of being the bridge between Indiana and Washington, D.C… ‘My job is to be your voice, to make sure Indiana’s voice is heard,’ said Donnelly.

Donnelly also highlighted some of the success he says he has had in the Senate.

He has introduced 25 bills and amendments that have been signed into law, including the Jacob Sexton Military Suicide Prevention Act, which requires annual mental health assessments for all service members, including active, Guard, and Reserve components in the military. Previously, only members in the deployment cycle received consistent screenings.

WBAA: Sen. Donnelly Launches Re-Election Campaign

Donnelly has made veterans issues a cornerstone of his first Senate term.

He stressed the importance of healthcare access, touting a bill passed earlier this month that provides over two billion dollars for veterans to receive treatment from a private doctor.”

CBS 4 Indy: Sen. Joe Donnelly announces campaign for re-election to U.S. Senate

“U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) officially announced his campaign for re-election Monday in Anderson.

Sen. Donnelly held a rally at the UAW Local 1963 amid a ‘Hoosier Highways’ RV tour. After starting in Indianapolis on Sunday, the tour will come to at least 21 counties and have over 30 stops in every corner of the state. The tour features rallies, meet-and-greets, business tours, and roundtables.

During his speech, he discussed bringing ideas from Hoosiers to Washington instead of the opposite.

Donnelly, who won his first Senate term in 2012, has tried to cultivate a moderate and independent image, highlighting his work on veterans issues and against outsourcing jobs to foreign countries… ‘There are plenty of champions for the far right and the far left, but not enough for people who just want results,’ Donnelly said. ‘But that doesn’t mean, as some say, that we have to fight with even more unhinged extremism and pointed fingers. We have to fight for common sense and compromise."

Indiana Public Media: Donnelly Touts Work On Opioid Epidemic, Veterans On Campaign

U.S. Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly is hoping his work on behalf of veterans and his efforts to fight the opioid epidemic will convince Hoosiers to vote for him.

Donnelly received a standing ovation when he said there was no place for white supremacy, neo-Nazis and the KKK in the country.

‘It doesn’t matter what race you are. It doesn’t matter what religion you are. Doesn’t matter what gender you are,” he says.‘Because we are all red, white and blue. We are in this together.’

The Star Press: Joe Donnelly makes rounds in Muncie to kick off re-election campaign

The public got a chance to catch Sen. Joe Donnelly during his re-election tour across Indiana Monday afternoon at Savage's Ale House in downtown Muncie.

Donnelly is visiting more than 20 counties in an Indiana-made RV emblazoned with himself waving, and the logo ‘Hard work. Common Sense. Hoosier values.’

Several things that Donnelly highlighted were that he’s worked with the current administration on cutting back job outsourcing, assistance for veterans, the opioid epidemic and other aspects that he believes will benefit Hoosiers across the state.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Donnelly says focus is on helping Hoosiers

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly threw a baseball Monday evening at Parkview Field to cap a day of ceremonial first pitches for his re-election campaign.

Donnelly, D-Ind., visited five Hoosier cities, ending in Fort Wayne, as part of his ‘Hoosier Highways’ tour in launching his bid for a second six-year term in the Senate.

‘What I try to do is just hit the ball down the middle and focus on what makes things better for families,’ he said, noting that the Lugar Center, a public policy think tank, has ranked him as the second-most bipartisan member of Congress, after Republican Susan Collins of Maine.

WIBC: Donnelly Says He's Down the Middle in Kickoff to Campaign

Sen. Joe Donnelly says he's the most bi-partisan Democrat in the U.S.Senate, and he's using that theme to ask for your vote in the race to keep his Senate job.

‘I don't work for the far left or far right,’ said Donnelly Sunday, as he began his re-election campaign at the Speedway VFW. ‘I don't work for any of them, I work for you to make our lives better here in Indiana, to make our lives better as Americans.’

Messer and Rokita [two of Donnelly’s Republican challengers] have both said they believe Donnelly is a nice guy.