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IN THE NEWS: Joe laps the field with strong third quarter fundraising number

INDIANAPOLIS - Joe Donnelly put down another marker with his third quarter fundraising, announcing that he’d raised $1.3 million during the quarter and stashed nearly $1 million away to raise his cash on hand to $4.6 million. His strong grassroots campaign continues to far outpace the field; he raised more than the two biggest contenders for the Republican primary combined this quarter, and has nearly double their cash on hand.

The Republican candidates’ fundraising woes are only increasing, meanwhile. Not only do now they have to deal with a primary candidate willing to self-fund his own campaign, but a special interest donor class increasingly refusing to open their wallets as the Republican-controlled congress fails to pass major legislation.

From the AP: Donnelly raises $1.3M, likely outraising GOP contenders

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly is adding to his campaign cash advantage over the Republicans who hope to oust him from office.

The Democrat on Thursday reported $1.3 million in donations during the past three months, pushing his campaign war chest total up to $4.6 million.

Republicans, meanwhile, say some of their donors aren't in a giving mood out of frustration with Congress' inability to pass legislation.

Rep. Luke Messer raised $735,000, with $2.4 million on hand. State Rep. Mike Braun raised about $200,000 from donors, while kicking in roughly $800,000 of his own money.

Rep. Todd Rokita's campaign didn't release its latest figures Thursday, but indicated it will likely be less than the $1 million raised during the previous quarter.

From the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Donnelly has $4.6 million in campaign cash

The re-election campaign for Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., announced Thursday it raised $1.3 million during the third quarter of this year and has $4.6 million in the bank.

Donnelly's campaign noted that small "grassroots" donations made up the bulk of the senator's contributions during July, August and September. More than half the contributions were for $15 or less, it said, and 84 percent were for $50 or less.

Donnelly's campaign manager, Peter Hanscom, said in a statement that Donnelly's supporters had "responded incredibly" to the senator's campaign launch, in which he toured Indiana in a recreational vehicle for a week in late August.

From WIBC: Congressional Cash

If you're looking for the financial frontrunner in the Republican race for the U.S. Senate here in Indiana, forget about it, for now.

Despite all of that incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly outraised all his Republican counterparts and has nearly twice as much cash on hand as Rokita and Messer combined.

From the AP: Rokita Trails GOP Pack in Most-Recent Senate Fundraising

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita trailed his fellow Republican Senate candidates in fundraising over the last three months.

Rokita's campaign said Friday that it collected $450,000 in donations, with $2.4 million total in the bank.

Republicans say some of their donors aren't in a giving mood out of frustration with Congress' inability to pass legislation.