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IN THE NEWS: Joe finishes “Hoosier Highways” RV Tour with crowds and “thank yous” during southern Indiana swing

INDIANAPOLIS—Joe Donnelly finished his 6-day, 36-stop RV tour last week talking to Hoosiers about the issues that matter to them across southern Indiana. Whether discussing his efforts to protect retired coal miners’ benefits before a crowd of over 100 in Boonville on Thursday or his foreign policy work in Bloomington on Friday, Joe was received “very well” as he kicked off his campaign listening to Hoosiers’ concerns in every corner of the state.

From WFIE NBC-14: IN Senator Joe Donnelly stops in Tri-State on 'Hoosier Highways" tour

An Indiana Senator on his "Hoosier Highways" tour stopped by Warrick County to meet members of the United Mine Workers.

We heard a lot of "thank yous" from the crowd of over a 100 at the VFW in Boonville, Indiana. 

Retired miners of Warrick County met the man who led a successful push this spring to find a bipartisan fix for permanent health benefits.

Donnelly also introduced the Miners Pension Protection Act which he said would ensure financial stability for those who worked underground.


From the News and Tribune: Sen. Joe Donnelly touts bipartisanship on campaign stop at The Exchange

The Democrat said during his visit at the restaurant that he will spend the next year-plus "laser-focused" on "growing Indiana and keeping our country safe."

"I visited all 92 counties almost every single year I've been in office," Donnelly said. "I have worked nonstop to make sure that New Albany's voice, that Jeffersonville's voice, that Clark and Floyd County's voice, is heard just as loud as the voice up in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Terre Haute — that we're all in this together."

At his New Albany stop, Donnelly highlighted his negotiations with the U.S. Army in transferring the 900 remaining parcels of the former Indiana Army Ammunition Plant to the River Ridge Commerce Center for commercial development.

"We want to make sure that there's a lot of opportunity," he said. "That's why I worked nonstop on getting River Ridge squared away, on getting all those parcels transferred and getting that all done, because I know how important that is to our economy down here in Clark and Floyd counties."


From the Evansville Courier & Press: WEBB: Donnelly rides down center of Indiana

He was at Tri-State to help fill bags of food that would eventually get stuffed into the backpacks of Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. students who get free lunches. They could take the food home and have something to eat on weekends, when school meals aren’t an option.

“This enables our children to have dignity and to have hope,” Donnelly said. “The foods are placed in their own backpack. So when they go home, they can’t be picked on by other kids who say, ‘hey what’s wrong at home that you have get (free) food?’”

“That’s my job -- to work with everybody,” he said on Thursday, touting his oft-repeated ranking as the second-most bipartisan legislator from Lugar Center’s Bipartisan Index. “My instinct, my job, is to get things done. That’s what I’m sent to Washington for. Not as a Democrat. Not as Republican. But as a Hoosier.”


From the Terre Haute Tribune-Star: Donnelly hits town on campaign RV tour

When Donnelly's “Hoosier Highways” RV tour stopped in Terre Haute on Thursday morning, he said people want to talk about jobs and the widespread prescription drug problem.

When a family looks at their kids, one thing they want to make sure of is that their son or daughter can live right here in Terre Haute or just over in Brazil or wherever and be able to have any job they want in the world,” the incumbent Democrat said after he took a seat in Boo's Crossroads Cafe for his first stop Thursday.

His fifth day of his six-day tour took the senator on the campaign trail from Terre Haute to Sullivan and other stops in southern Indiana. He said he enjoys talking to voters in all counties because it is the best way to make a difference in government.

“It's important for every Hoosier's voice to be heard. It's important that back in Washington, we take the wisdom of Terre Haute and Vigo County back there,” Donnelly said. “There's a lot more wisdom in Terre Haute than in Washington D.C.”


From Roll Call: Two Senators, Two Parties, One River, Similar Message

On opposite sides of the Ohio River on Thursday, a Republican leader under attack from President Donald Trump and a Democratic senator facing a potentially difficult re-election bid sounded a similar, agriculture-heavy message to core constituencies.

“What I want to do is make sure that it reflects what you want in a farm bill,” he said at the small gathering of local farmers in Vincennes, Indiana.

Donnelly stressed the importance of crop insurance in the pending renewal of the farm bill, which protects farmers in the event of a loss of yield. McConnell hinted at the same.

Both McConnell and Donnelly took jabs at the so-called Waters of the United States rule, commonly referred to as WOTUS, but in much different ways.

“What I kept telling EPA on WOTUS is, look, we can hit targets; let us use our ideas on how to do it. We can figure this out better. You can’t figure it out as well sitting there as we can right here,” he said.


From the Herald-Times: Donnelly: Eliminate safe havens in Afghanistan, work together in Washington

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly said Friday morning the No. 1 goal of the nation's policy in Afghanistan must be making sure there are no safe havens in that nation for terrorists, and urged lawmakers to stop thinking so much about party labels and focus on "meat and potatoes" issues that face Americans.


From WAWV ABC-38: Sen. Donnelly Visits Sullivan

U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly stopped on the square in Sullivan. The Democrat met with and listened to constituents.

Donnelly says he works with both Democrats and Republicans to improve the lives of Hoosiers through good jobs and better paychecks.

He also says out of 535 lawmakers in Washington, he's considered the second most bi-partisan.


From the Winchester News-Gazette: Senator praises local facility

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly, a man whose job description has him dealing with problems daily, said Tuesday he found quite the opposite when visiting The Journey Home here in Winchester.

“This is just a huge part of the solution,” Donnelly said, as he toured the unique facility which offers safe haven and sound treatment for homeless veterans struggling to adapt after serving their country.

Donnelly’s visit here was part of a six-day statewide tour designed to announce his re-election campaign for U.S. Senate.


From the South Bend Tribune: Colwell: A long and costly Senate race in Indiana lies ahead

Q. How has Donnelly been received in his tour?
A. Very well, according to news accounts.