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IN THE NEWS: Joe Donnelly highlights record fighting for automakers, workers’ rights in Fort Wayne

Joe Donnelly met with union members Sunday at Sheet Metal Workers Local 20 in Fort Wayne, where he discussed his efforts fighting for automakers and his vote against the McConnell tax plan, the Journal Gazette wrote.

Joe thanked the standing-room crowd of sixty for their support and called for a tax plan that supports the middle class instead of the wealthy and encourages companies to keep good-paying jobs here at home. At his meeting with the northeast Indiana AFL-CIO, leaders made one thing clear: six years later, they’re still with Joe.

From the Journal Gazette
Donnelly speaks to union workers

Labor support helped Joe Donnelly win a seat in the U.S. Senate six years ago.

On Sunday, the Democrat from South Bend told about 60 local union members what the nation would look like if they hadn't canvassed neighborhoods on his behalf. The first-term senator spoke to them at the Waynedale union hall of Sheet Metal Workers Local 20.

“I don't serve as a Democrat or Republican. I serve as an Indiana senator,” he said. “If something makes things better for our state, I'm in. It doesn't matter what your politics are.”

Donnelly didn't support the tax reform act, he said, because it favors the wealthy, adds to the deficit and retains a deduction for manufacturers that move equipment out of the country to set up production offshore.

“I'm in favor of tax cuts. I love tax cuts. I just want to pay for them,” he said.

“There's no free lunch. We all know that,” he continued. “If there's anything the building trades know, it's there's no free lunch.”

Holli Murphy, president of United Auto Workers Local 2209, which represents Allen County's hourly General Motors workers, participated in the private meeting.

In it, she said, Donnelly described himself as a big supporter of automakers. In turn, the union members said they are big supporters of Donnelly.

After he talked to the rank-and-file for about 15 minutes, Donnelly received the rock star treatment. He posed for several pictures and was even asked to sign an autograph.

Clara Satter, a fourth-grader at Weisser Park Elementary School, said afterward that she will post the signature on her bulletin board.

Asked which autograph in her collection is from the most famous person, the 9-year-old didn't hesitate.

“Him!” she said, indicating Donnelly.