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IN THE NEWS: GOP Senate candidate: “More and more,” Republicans thinking about voting for Joe Donnelly

INDIANAPOLIS - A Republican U.S. Senate candidate took to the stage to tell a Republican Party dinner that Hoosier Republicans are increasingly telling him they may vote for Joe Donnelly, the Journal Gazette reported this afternoon.

During a speech at the Allen County GOP’s Reagan Bean Dinner, Senate candidate Andrew Takami mentioned that Hoosier Republicans are telling him “more and more” they’re “thinking about voting for Joe Donnelly,” regardless of whom Republicans nominate.

While the news might scare Republican candidates, it shouldn’t surprise them—after all, Joe has one of the highest approval ratings from constituents of the opposite party among Senators up for re-election, an August poll claimed.

From the Fort Wayne Journal GazetteIndiana Republicans still split on Democrat Donnelly

But Hoosier Republicans helped elect the politically moderate Donnelly in 2012. And they might do so again in 2018, according to one of his potential rivals.

"When I travel the state, and there's Republicans that come to me and say, 'Andrew, I don't know who our nominee's going to be, but I'm thinking about voting for Joe Donnelly,' that's a problem," Andrew Takami, a New Albany college administrator who seeks the GOP Senate nomination, told 350 people at the Reagan Bean Dinner.

"I'm hearing it more and more," Takami said, adding that Republicans must nominate "the right candidate against Joe Donnelly, or else people may say there's no choice." Takami did not elaborate on what qualities "the right candidate" should have.

As previously reported, results of a Morning Consult poll released in August found that 55 percent of nearly 1,200 Indiana Republican voters who were surveyed in the spring said they approved of Donnelly as their senator.