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IN THE NEWS: “Enthusiastic crowds” greet Joe on “Hoosier Highways” RV tour Tuesday and Wednesday, holding roundtables on issues that matter to Hoosiers

Joe spoke to enthusiastic crowds as he toured Indiana after announcing his re-election campaign this week, listening to Hoosiers concerns in the Region, Michiana, and across central Indiana.

WSBT: Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly hosts rally in South Bend

Donnelly walked off the bus to speak to an enthusiastic South Bend crowd Tuesday afternoon. People who voted for him six years ago are looking to do it again.

He touched on a number of topics including working with medical professionals to try and end the opioid epidemic.

‘What matters is we have your back, that we're in this together. That when we go, we travel together, we work together because we're not this group and that group… we're Americans who love one another and care about one another,’ said Senator Donnelly.


Journal & Courier: Bangert: Can Joe Donnelly survive an age of Donald Trump?

Donnelly touted his No. 2 ranking out of 535 House and Senate members in Lugar Center Bipartisan Index, which is based in part on sponsorship and co-sponsorship of bills in Congress.

‘I’ve been with the president on issues dealing with opioids, on veterans, on working to keep jobs here in this country,’ said Donnelly, who served in the U.S. House during parts of the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations.

Donnelly made the case [during the 2012 election] that compromise was the way things got done.

Will that still resonate against opponents who will make the case forthe sort of conservative stands that [his previous opponent] advocated?

‘I hope so,’ Donnelly said. ‘Is it flashiest? No. Is it the loudest? Probably not. Is it what’s on cable news every night? No, because they need ratings. The more car crashes and screaming and yelling they have, they almost have to amplify it to keep the audience for the next night. But what actually makes things get done is working together with people (from the other party).’


Kokomo Tribune: Donnelly tours downtown Kokomo on campaign stop, expresses willingness to work with Trump

From Market Street Townhomes to the YMCA to Kokomo Toys & Collectibles, U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly on Wednesday explored downtown Kokomo [and] maintained the moderate position he’s carved out in the lead-up to next year’s election.

[Kokomo Mayor] Goodnight… credited Donnelly for supporting the auto industry, saying that ‘he’s made a lot of the right decisions’ [which is] a driving force behind Kokomo’s growth.


WISH: US Sen. Donnelly, Rep. Carson hold roundtable on outsourcing

Every seat was taken inside United Steel Workers Local 1999.

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly, a Democrat from Indiana, joined with U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, also a Democrat from Indiana, to hold a roundtable. Those with a seat at the table were workers from Carrier Corp. and Rexnord Corp. Some of the corporation's’ employees are losing their jobs due to outsourcing.

Donnelly told the group he is focusing on manufacturing and outsourcing issues. He’s developed a plan he believes will penalize companies that outsource American jobs.

The discussion was part of Day 4 of Donnelly’s Hoosier Highway recreational vehicle tour to push his campaign and showcase his first term in the Senate. Donnelly is using this tour to listen to concerns from Indiana residents.


Indy Star: Donnelly meets with workers rocked by outsourcing after facing criticism on the issue

Donnelly, a Democrat who is running for re-election in 2018, joined workers from furnace maker Carrier and bearings manufacturer Rexnord for a roundtable discussion at a United Steelworkers union hall on the west side of Indianapolis...

Donnelly, a longtime critic of outsourcing, touted his work on the End Outsourcing Act, a measure that would penalize businesses that seek contracts with the federal government after moving jobs out of the country.”

On Wednesday, Donnelly said his potential Republican opponents "have been missing in action" on efforts to stop outsourcing.

‘I voted against every bad trade deal that's come along,’ he said.


WNDU: Senator Donnelly returns to South Bend, promotes bipartisanship

Senator Joe Donnelly was back in South Bend Tuesday afternoon after announcing his intention to run once again for the United States Senate.

He [discussed how] bi-partisan solutions are often the best way forward, saying, ‘I am willing to work with anybody.’


Chesterton Tribune: Sen. Donnelly visits USW Local 6787

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., visited the United Steelworkers Local 6787 union hall on Tuesday, as part of his six-day ‘Hoosier Highways’ re-election tour.

Donnelly participated in a roundtable discussion at Local 6787 on his End Outsourcing Act, legislation which is intended to reward companies that retain jobs in the U.S.

Donnelly has taken active interests, during his time in the Senate, in veterans health, the opioid crisis, and corporate outsourcing.