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IN THE NEWS: “Donnelly’s Main Focus: Jobs”

INDIANAPOLIS - A visit to Connersville found Joe Donnelly laser-focused on bringing good jobs to Indiana, addressing the opioid crisis, and addressing the concerns of Hoosiers.

Catching up with the News-Examiner on Sunday, Joe talked about what he’s doing for Fayette County and how he’s working for good-paying 21st Century jobs in rural Indiana. Joe also discussed his recent ranking from the Lugar Center as the most bipartisan U.S. Senator of the last quarter century still serving, and how he’s reaching across the aisle to deliver results.

From the Connersville News-Examiner: Donnelly’s main focus: jobs

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly visited Connersville Sunday afternoon, leaving his impressions on several issues of interest to Fayette County residents.

On top of his agenda was jobs, as in we need more of them here. While manufacturing start-ups have dotted the landscapes of towns like Greensburg, Greenfield and Indianapolis, Fayette County has been left holding the bag, mostly because of its distance from any four-lane road, none of which are located in the county.

“That is the laser focus of mine, is jobs,” Donnelly said. “When we were looking at the tax plan, what I told the President, I would support a tax plan that focused on keeping jobs here in America, that focused on ending tax breaks for companies to ship jobs off-shore, that focused on providing tax breaks for companies that brought jobs back to the United States.

“The President told me that’s what his goals were, however, Mitch McConnell wrote a very different tax plan than that. Mitch McConnell’s tax bill actually rewards companies for shipping jobs off-shore. So, my efforts will be, and have always been focused on creating jobs here in Connersville, in Fayette County, in Indiana, and to have companies continue to develop jobs here.”

What is Donnelly’s answer to potential employers who see the interstate highway system as the ticket to prosperity?

“Our goal is for these companies, the Japanese companies and others, to understand that Connersville is close by to Greensburg, it’s not that far away,” Donnelly commented. “You have a terrific talent pool here. You have other industries in our state that are looking for areas with talent and with ability and with workers. So, I think organically, it’s going to continue to grow to this region, because some of the other regions are almost tapped out in terms of having enough people to fill all the jobs.”

Donnelly held back no reservations when discussing the opiate problem.

“It is the scourge of this nation,” he said. “A couple of things that are going on right now; not only Eli Lilly, but other companies are working on an addiction-free painkiller, which would change everything. We continue to hope for that to be successful.

“Secondly, I have worked non-stop on providing funds for the state of Indiana to be able to offer treatment assistance. I was able to get $11 million in the 21st Century Cures Act, and the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, I was able to get legislation included that changed prescribing practices to make sure that our doctors and our pharmacists have the appropriate training to reduce the amount of opiates that could be prescribed.”

“My whole promise to everybody was I would work on a bipartisan basis,” Donnelly said. “All my efforts would be focused on working together, to move our country forward, to move our state forward, to not worry about partisan politics or petty politics, but to focus on creating more jobs and more opportunity.

“Just this past week, the Lugar Center ranked me as the most active legislator that is still in office right now over the last 20 years. I have consistently reached out to everybody on both sides of the aisle, and my goal has been to move our country forward. I promised everybody on jobs, I have. I focused on keeping our nation safe, I have. I focused on making sure that no community would ever be forgotten. I visit all 92 counties every year. I come to Fayette County every year. I come to Connersville every year, because the success and the chance for Connersville to have an even better future is critical to me.”

“You’re the star of Indiana,” County Democrat chairman Tim Rose told Donnelly. “We have a bright, shining star, and that’s Joe Donnelly, and we’ve got to keep him in the Senate.”