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IN THE NEWS: April meeting with Pence highlights Joe’s work with the administration to help Hoosiers despite its political attacks

Even as Vice President Pence and President Trump come to Elkhart tonight for a political rally, Joe Donnelly has worked closely with the administration to help Hoosiers, including meeting with the Vice President last month, as the Washington Post reported today.

The two Hoosiers met weeks ago to discuss Joe’s “Right to Try” bill that passed out of the Senate and thesituation in North Korea. It’s a reminder that Joe has consistently achieved victories for Hoosiers with the Trump/Pence Administration – and that when they’re not trying to attack him, they have a history of giving Joe praise.

From the Washington PostTrump ramps up attacks on red-state Democrats whose votes he may need most

In Indianapolis last fall, President Trump pledged to campaign against thestate’s Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly “like you wouldn’t believe” if he voted against the Republican tax plan.

“I don’t worry about that,” Donnelly said of the political threats from theadministration. “When the president is right, I’ll be with him every time. But when he’s not, I’ll pass.”

The White House’s approach to Donnelly illustrates the balancing act it faces when it comes to red-state Democrats: How hard do you attack a vulnerable senator ahead of the midterm elections when you may need their vote to advance key parts of Trump’s agenda, particularly on confirming picks for cabinet posts?

Donnelly met privately with Vice President Pence for 45 minutes at theCapitol last month, [discussing] “right-to-try” legislation he has written with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) that would ease access for the critically ill to experimental treatments. The two men also chatted about their families, the christening of the USS Indianapolis and foreign policy issues such as North Korea and Syria.

That meeting is one of several Donnelly has held with Trump, Pence or other top administration officials, including an Air Force One ride with the president to the Indianapolis tax speech last September. So when the administration prepares a political assault on Democrats such as him, Donnelly shrugs it off.

It doesn’t even cross my mind,” Donnelly said. “I view each nominee on their qualifications, get the chance to talk to them about what their plans and their vision for their agency might be…and then make a call. If I think they’ll be good for the country, I’ll vote for them.”