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New DFI ad shows Rep. Braun’s own claims of ignorance can’t hide the truth about his reliance on Chinese suppliers

Joe for Indiana released a new ad, “Debate”, which uses Rep. Braun’s own words against him to reveal the hypocrisy of his extensive history of using cheap, foreign auto parts suppliers to fund his business at the expense of Hoosier workers.

The ad began running Sunday through a six-figure, statewide buy. A full script and backup for the ad are available HERE.

In a February GOP primary debate sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, Rep. Braun tried to hide his ties to foreign suppliers. Even though his campaign is built upon his supposed business acumen, Rep. Braun told viewers that “I don’t know where [my suppliers] get [their products] made.” Hoosiers do, however.

Thanks to reports from the Associated Press and other outlets, Rep. Braun’s company has ties to auto parts manufacturers in China, Mexico, and Taiwan. With the click of a button, his company’s website even translates into Chinese for ease of use by Chinese buyers and sellers. Rep. Braun may plead ignorance as to where his suppliers are, but that doesn’t change the fact that his own company is forgoing Indiana’s rich history of auto production for parts from cheap foreign suppliers.

“While Joe Donnelly has fought for Hoosier jobs every step of the way in the Senate, Rep. Braun made $18 million last year alone by selling cheap foreign auto parts at the expense of Hoosier workers. He can’t fool Hoosiers by feigning ignorance on where his parts come from – no matter what he sells, voters know his parts come from China and other countries,” said Will Baskin-Gerwitz, Communications Director for Joe for Indiana. “Joe Donnelly is the only candidate fighting for Hoosier workers, and he’ll continue to do that after his re-election in November.”