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Joe Donnelly’s second TV ad highlights his efforts to bridge the divide in Washington with a dose of Hoosier common sense

Joe for Indiana released its second TV ad, “Bridge,” highlighting Joe's consistent efforts to cut through the gridlock in Washington by working in a bipartisan way to deliver results for Hoosiers.

The ad is part of a six-figure, statewide ad buy. A full script and backup for the ad are available HERE.

Walking down a bridge in southern Indiana, Joe discusses his efforts working in a bipartisan fashion to expand health care coverage and strengthen military mental health. “In Washington, someone has to bridge the divide between the far left and far right,” Joe says in the ad. “That’s where I stand – in our Hoosier common sense middle.”

Joe has focused on listening to Hoosiers’ concerns and bringing them to Washington. That’s why he’s visited all 92 counties each of the past four years, and just finished a five-day, 32-stop RV tour. His ability to successfully reach across the aisle has made him the most bipartisan senator of the last quarter century still serving in Washington, according to The Lugar Center. 41 of his legislative proposals have been signed into law since he joined the Senate in 2013.

“As Indiana’s hired help in the Senate, Joe knows his job isn’t to work for any president or political party – it’s to bring both sides together to deliver results for Hoosiers,” said Kate Oehl, press secretary for Joe for Indiana. “Whether it’s increasing access to mental health services for our servicemembers, or ensuring Hoosiers have access to decent and affordable health care through HIP 2.0, our new ad shows how driving down the common sense middle has helped Joe bring about a positive vision for Indiana in Washington.”