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Joe Donnelly wins first Senate debate against Rep. Mike Braun

WESTVILLE, Ind. – Peter Hanscom, Campaign Manager for Donnelly for Indiana, issued the following statement after tonight’s first Senate debate between Joe Donnelly, Rep. Mike Braun and Lucy Brenton:

“Joe Donnelly won tonight’s debate by proving that he has kept his promises to Indiana over the past six years, working hard, reaching across the aisle, and delivering a clear track record of bipartisan results for Hoosiers – not any politician or political party. Meanwhile, Rep. Braun repeatedly lied to Hoosiers, over and over again—lying about his support for efforts to take away health care from 1.1 million Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions and lying about his company health care plan that forces his employees to pay $10,000 deductibles before their insurance puts in a penny. Tonight’s debate simply clarified for voters that Joe is the only candidate who will go to Washington to fight for Hoosiers, and no one else.”