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Joe Donnelly wins final Indiana Senate debate

Peter Hanscom, Campaign Manager for Donnelly for Indiana, issued the following statement after tonight’s final Senate debate between Joe Donnelly, Rep. Mike Braun and Lucy Brenton:

“Joe Donnelly won his second straight debate tonight for the same reason he’s going to win this election – he keeps his promises to Hoosiers. Voters saw in Joe Donnelly a senator who will continue to reach across the aisle to deliver commonsense solutions that will bring our nation together and improve Hoosiers’ lives, just as he has over the past six years. But they saw in Rep. Braun a candidate who told a blatant lie that he didn’t support a lawsuit where he’d take away health care from 1.1 million Hoosiers under 65 with pre-existing conditions, after saying time after time that he supported the lawsuit—showing that not only can’t he be trusted, but he’s willing to put his party before Hoosiers. Rep. Braun will divide our state for political gain, while Joe Donnelly will continue to be the hired help for every Hoosier. That’s the senator Indiana needs.”