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Joe Donnelly finishes strong third quarter with $4.6 million dollars on hand

Grassroots support powers Joe to $1.3 million third quarter

INDIANAPOLIS - Joe Donnelly’s continued strong fundraising led to a $1.3 million third quarter, he announced today, and with $4.6 million on hand, he continues to build the foundation he needs for a successful grassroots campaign.

After officially announcing his re-election campaign in August, his $1.3 million third quarter continues his run of strong fundraising numbers, and his cash on hand continues to grow throughout the year, increasing by nearly $1 million in the third quarter alone to $4.6 million. With a combative and likely expensive GOP primary on the right that now has three major candidates, his cash on hand margin is poised to continue expanding.

The enthusiasm and grassroots contributions continue to power Joe’s campaign. More than half of Joe’s contributions were $15 or less, and a whopping 84% were small dollar donations of $50 or less.

It’s apparent that Joe’s hard work and Hoosier common sense continue to resonate in Indiana. His strong quarter came on the back of a six-day, 36-stop campaign kickoff tour in his Indiana-made RV. After making his re-election bid official at a rally in Anderson, Joe visited every corner of the state to listen to Hoosiers’ concerns and better understand how to represent them going forward. In the Senate, he continues to put Indiana first, standing up to attempts to dismantle our nation’s health care system and successfully getting six pieces of his legislation signed into law in this year alone.

“After kicking off his campaign and crossing the state in his RV, Joe told Hoosiers he’d continue to fight for them in the Senate, and our supporters responded incredibly,” said Peter Hanscom, Campaign Manager for Joe for Indiana. “Their enthusiasm and small dollar contributions have pushed Joe’s campaign to another successful quarter. Joe’s thankful for their support, and by bringing the same fiscal conservatism that he relies on in Washington to the campaign trail, we’re certain we’ll have the robust cash on hand we need to defend his record for the next year.”