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IN THE NEWS: Tribune Star says “Donnelly has fulfilled his promise to Hoosiers” as Joe receives yet another endorsement

Joe Donnelly has demonstrated independence and been a commonsense voice for Hoosiers who deserves another term in the Senate, the Tribune Star wrote in its endorsement night.

Instead of being a partisan “rubber stamp” as the Tribune Star believes his opponent has sought to be, Joe has exercised “good judgment on the hottest of issues… and has earned Hoosiers’ trust [on] health care.”

The endorsement last night was yet another for Joe from the Indiana press corps, who has received similar praise from the NWI Timesthe South Bend Tribuneand the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

From the Terre Haute Tribune StarA high-stakes race for U.S. Senate

There is unquestionably a lot at stake in Tuesday's election, and Hoosier voters find themselves in a critical position to play a major role in the long-term political direction of our country.

Fortunately for Hoosiers, the fundamental decision can be cut along clear lines. Joe Donnelly is a moderate who adheres to his party's principles in many areas while demonstrating independence in others. His record shows a willingness to support President Trump when he thinks his policies are good for Indiana, and isn't afraid to challenge or reject those policies when he disagrees, despite the fact Trump enjoys support here. Braun bills himself as a conservative whose sole purpose in the Senate would be to support whatever policies Trump advances.

Indiana is a red state that occasionally shows an independent streak. That Donnelly was able to win a Senate seat here in 2012 against unwavering, hard-core conservative Richard Mourdock demonstrates that Hoosiers appreciate a moderate Democrat's value in their political system and trust him to exercise good judgment on the hottest of issues.

Donnelly has fulfilled his promise to Hoosiers. While partisans from both sides occasionally feel frustration with him, he wields his moderate mantle consistently and understandably. Whether he sides with Republicans or Democrats on the issues before him, he earnestly explains his decisions and listens to all points of view with concern and sincerity.

Among the major issues with which Donnelly has earned Hoosiers' trust is health care. He supported the Affordable Care Act, also know as Obamacare, and has defended it against the constant assault from Republicans wanting to destroy it in any way they can despite its growing acceptance, even popularity, with voters. He is right to point out that the ACA has done great things for those who previously could not get or afford health insurance and has saved those with pre-existing conditions from being denied access to the system. He acknowledges the system can and should be improved but rejects conservative calls to repeal it outright.

…Braun's campaign rests on his promise to blindly support Trump and Republicans. It doesn't matter if he's a visionary and a problem solver if he isn't willing to use those skills. A willingness to simply go along with whatever GOP leaders put forward does not qualify him in any remarkable way.

Hoosiers have a right to demand more of their elected representatives in Congress. We endorse Donnelly for a second term in the U.S. Senate because he embraces the challenge of doing the hard work of making reasoned, sound judgments on difficult issues and not being a partisan rubber stamp.

Hoosiers voted for that type of open-minded, independent politician when they elected Donnelly in 2012. They got what they asked for. For his work on behalf of Hoosier voters during his first term, he deserves to be re-elected.