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IN THE NEWS: Statewide launches of ‘Veterans for Joe’ continue to build momentum for Joe’s re-election

‘Veterans for Joe’ is launching statewide this week, mobilizing and motivating Hoosier veterans with press conferences centered around Joe’s success for veterans during his time in the Senate. After Saturday’s event in Indianapolis, ‘Veterans for Joe’ launched Monday in South Bend with Mayor Pete Buttigieg and on Tuesday in Terre Haute with Rep. Kersey.

From the Tribune Star: Veterans group supports Donnelly re-election

“Veterans for Joe,” a statewide group supporting the re-election of Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly, launched its Terre Haute chapter Tuesday with a news conference at the local Amvets post.

“I want to support Joe Donelly for supporting veterans, of course, but also his stand on public education … support of teachers … support of the middle class and his stand on a national health care system.” said state Rep. Clyde Kersey, D-Terre Haute.

Donnelly is not a part of the partisan gridlock that puts party loyalty over the nation’s welfare, said Kersey, an Air Force veteran and retired teacher.

“He has a reputation for wanting to work across the aisle with senators from the other party and in an effort to try to get things done,” Kersey said. “Joe Donnelly is a guy that does not believe in total support of one party or the other.”





From WBND ABC-57: Veterans back Donnelly in "Veterans for Joe" launch

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A few local veterans are now fighting for Democratic incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly.

“Our veterans don’t have to go to Fort Wayne to have their eyes check, podiatry, things of that nature,” said U.S. Navy veteran Gary Whitehead.

That shortlist of medical needs is now a short drive away at St. Joseph County’s VA Clinic.

The facility is also a big motivator for the veterans who spoke out in support of Sen. Donnelly on Monday.

A part of that education vets like Kent would like to see is on mental health.

He’s backing the incumbent Democrat in this race because of Donnelly’s continued conversations on veteran’s suicide prevention and his subsequent policies passed in the Senate that aimed to do something about it.

Veteran and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is also standing up for Donnelly in the hopes even more can be done for former military men and women in the area.

“The VA still has a lot of work to do, clearing backlogs, streamlining coverage,” said Mayor Buttigieg. “I think they’ve made some progress but there’s more to be done and it’s one of the reasons you need someone in the senate and the congress with an eye on that process.”