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IN THE NEWS: Non-partisan fact checker finds claim that Joe supports amnesty to be “Mostly False”

Rep. Braun and his far right allies found themselves in hot water again after a non-partisan fact-checker found yet another of their baseless claims to be “mostly false.”

Yesterday, Politifact insisted that Joe Donnelly had never supported proposals that would give amnesty to criminals, and instead fought to increase the level of border security in a 2013 immigration bill. Rep. Braun has been trying to smear Joe’s record by running ads that lie about Joe’s history of supporting strong borders, but Hoosiers know better – and the facts back them up.

From Politifact: Did Indiana's Joe Donnelly vote to grant amnesty to criminals?

A digital ad by One Nation, a Republican PAC, in the Indiana Senate campaign claims Democrat Joe Donnelly flip-flopped on the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The bill in question is the 2013 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, which gave provisional legal status to those who entered the country illegally. The legislation was a major bipartisan compromise from a group known as the Gang of 8, which included Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.

Donnelly voted in favor. While it passed the Senate, it never reached a vote in the House.

The Donnelly campaign said Donnelly has consistently opposed amnesty and said this bill did not grant amnesty. He supported it because it increased border security.

Our ruling

One Nation said, "In the Senate, Donnelly voted to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, including criminals, drunk drivers, domestic violence, and worse."

Donnelly’s vote for the immigration bill excluded drunk drivers with multiple offenses and those convicted of domestic violence from the path to citizenship. He voted against an amendment that would have excluded more people charged with such crimes from attaining citizenship.

The ad makes it seem that Donnelly purposely protected all undocumented immigrants convicted of domestic violence and drunk driving. The vote he cast still went after them, but in a less severe way than the Cornyn amendment proposed.

We rate this statement Mostly False.