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IN THE NEWS: Joe’s rallies supporters, touts work on opioids and agriculture as statewide tour continues

Joe Donnelly continues to blaze a trail all over Indiana, finding energetic supporters everywhere he goes on his recess week.

Whether talking to farmers about crop yields and the impacts of new tariffs, standing with Marion County law enforcement officials to discuss the importance of increased drug enforcement funding to help curb the opioid epidemic, or just stopping into a local hotspot for lunch, Joe Donnelly is listening to Hoosiers and bringing their concerns to Washington.

As Joe travels across Indiana as part of his August tour, see what voters are reading:

From KPC News: Donnelly meets with Noble County farmers

KIMMELL— Sen. Joe Donnelly met with members of ‘Farmers for Joe’ Saturday to discuss the impact of new tariffs on Hoosier farmers and other issues as part of day two of his statewide summer tour to discuss how he’s working to deliver results for Indiana in the Senate.

Donnelly met with around 40 farmers and members of the agricultural community in northeast Indiana at Stringtown Farms today to discuss the upcoming harvest and how Joe can continue to fight for Hoosier farmers in the Senate.

“Indiana’s farmers deserve a senator who works as hard as they do, and that’s why I’ll work tirelessly to make sure their voices are heard and bring their concerns to Washington,” Donnelly said. “It’s their input that’s going into the coming farm bill, and they’re the reason I’m fighting to create a level playing field where our farmers aren’t collateral damage as tariffs escalate. As Indiana’s hired help, I’ll be proud to fight for our farmers in the Senate for six more years.”

“Whether he’s working on the next farm bill, seeing firsthand how new tariffs are affecting our business, or simply getting a sense of how our crop yield is coming, Joe is always here to listen to us,” said Doug Burnworth, a farmer from Kimmell. “We’re lucky to have someone with a seat at the table in the Senate on the issues that affect us, and we’re even luckier to have someone who makes Indiana farmers his top priority. I’m a member of ‘Farmers for Joe’ because there’s no substitute for someone who puts our concerns first and then fights tooth and nail for us in Washington.”

From the Commercial Review: Donnelly visits Jay

Making sure that families have access to affordable healthcare is a priority for one of Indiana’s senators.

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly talked about the importance of healthcare during a visit Saturday to Jay County Democrats’ Jefferson-Jackson Dinner at Jay County Fairgrounds. Donnelly, who is currently running for reelection to the U.S. Senate against Republican nominee Mike Braun, stopped by to mingle and speak for a bit at the dinner while on the campaign trail.

Last summer, Donnelly voted against a proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, which ultimately failed to pass. He said the bill would have taken away coverage for 400,000 Indiana residents who are on the Healthy Indiana Plan, which provides healthcare for low-income adults.

“It would have wiped out the healthcare coverage,” Donnelly said. “The reason I voted ‘no’ was we want to make sure that our children, our families, everybody in this country can get healthcare, because healthcare is a basic human right.”

“When you wonder, has the work I’ve done made a difference, all you have to do is see that young child using an inhaler, because you made it possible for them to get it,” Donnelly said. “For that person who has a son or daughter with diabetes, and they can get insulin, you made it possible.

From The Statehouse File: Donnelly outlines efforts to slow Indiana’s opioid epidemic in summer campaign tour

Sen. Joe Donnelly’s summer campaign tour made a stop at the Indianapolis Central Library Tuesday, armed with praises from three leaders in Marion County law enforcement and a track record aimed at slowing the spread of opioid addiction in the state.

It was the fifth day of Donnelly’s seven-day summer tour, during which he previously made appearances at manufacturing plants, restaurants and other venues to meet with constituents.

Donnelly, alongside Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, Marion County Sheriff John Layton and Marion County sheriff candidate Kerry Forestal, touted past and current efforts to mitigate the destruction swelling from Indiana’s ongoing struggle with opioids. That battle has resulted in a 500 percent increase in opioid-poisoning deaths since 1999, according to a state report.

He pointed to a 2016 measure that classified both Marion and LaPorte counties as High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) under the Office of National Drug Control Policy. That designation provided $500,000 in federal assistance to Marion County alone, officials said.

This year the senator secured a 10 percent increase for the state’s HIDTA program.

“We need to make sure that the folks behind me have the resources they need to make every corner and every part of our city safe. That’s the goal,” Donnelly said. “That every family have a chance to sit in their front yard to relax, to enjoy their neighborhood and to feel safe.”

From the Washington Times Herald: Donnelly takes campaign to lunch

The campaign for U.S. Senate in Daviess County must be official. Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly (D) brought his campaign to the New White Steamer in Washington. The senator did what many other political candidates have done before him. He met people, shook hands, talked, posed for pictures and then settled in for a burger.

"I wanted to stop and see the folks in Daviess County," said Donnelly. "I have spent a lot of time on growing Crane and making sure Crane's presence gets stronger and stronger, to make sure economic opportunity is in place for Washington and Daviess County."

"I've worked with the president on numerous efforts to grow the economy and one the medical side for those facing life threatening diseases to have a chance to get the help they need. I've voted with the president 62 percent of the time. I also have to let him know when he gets off course."

Donnelly says health care is one of the places the president is missing the boat. He points out that the Trump administration has joined a lawsuit to do away with insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions.

"I want to make sure we protect health care and people with pre-existing conditions, Medicare and Social Security," he said. "Right after the McConnell tax cut passed, House Speaker Paul Ryan said we now have a dramatically increased deficit and we need to cut Medicare and Social Security. I will fight to defend Medicare and Social Security."

"He was very nice," said Jonathon Williams. "He likes basketball I can tell. That goes well with our family."

"I've been following him," said Steve Smith. "I'm really impressed. I like him. We didn't know he was coming in. This was an unexpected treat."

For Donnelly, being successful is not about winning the red or blue areas of Indiana. "It's about the red, white and blue," he said.

"It requires people to think beyond labels and think about America, about our future, about good quality health care. I'm the hired help. I represent all Hoosiers, Democrats and Republicans. My job is to do all I can to make the lives of your friends and your neighbors in Daviess County better."