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IN THE NEWS: In the final days of the campaign, Hoosiers know: it’s the health care election

INDIANAPOLIS – The top issue on the minds of Hoosiers who will go to the polls tomorrow is health care, just as it has been for much of 2018.

Health care, especially protections for pre-existing conditions, is a “huge issue” in places like the Hoosier State, Indiana Public Media declared this weekend, while a poll from the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics released late last week showed it was the most important issue for Hoosier voters as a whole and Joe supporters. It’s great news for Joe Donnelly, who has been in-step with voters by protecting access to health care for every Hoosier. Meanwhile, Rep. Braun has been caught lying again and again about his support for taking away health care from Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions.

From the Journal GazettePoll: Health care top issue for Hoosier voters

Health care is the most important national issue for Hoosier voters, according to a poll conducted by the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Purdue University Fort Wayne.

The survey of more than 1,000 registered voters found that 22 percent identified health care as the most important issue among the options they were presented with, while 17 percent selected the economy, 13 percent chose immigration, 9 percent said federal taxing and spending, and 8 percent said U.S. relations with other countries.

The Downs Center poll found that among Donnelly supporters, health care is the most important issue for 33.9 percent, followed by the economy, 11.2 percent, and U.S. relations with other countries, 10.9 percent.

"That might explain, in part, why Donnelly kept hammering away on Braun's businesses' health plan during the debate" of Senate candidates on Tuesday, Downs Center director Andrew Downs said Thursday in a telephone interview.

From Indiana Public Media: Election 2018: Health care is huge issue in Midwest

Across the Midwest, health care has emerged as one of the year’s biggest campaign flash points — in races from U.S. Senate to state attorney general.

In Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Indiana, speeches, debates and ads highlighting partisan disputes over major health care issues. Among them: the Affordable Care Act, a single-payer health system and decriminalization of drug use.

The issue also has been a focus of the Senate race in Indiana, where a new survey from the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics shows that Hoosiers rank health care as the most important issue facing the United States.

That race is one of the most closely contested in the nation.

In a recent debate, Sen. Joe Donnelly, a Democrat, said some people could lose coverage for pre-existing conditions if the ACA is overturned with no replacement. He took aim at Republican Mike Braun and a lawsuit that challenges the federal health law.

“Here is what we don’t want to do. Mike supports a lawsuit that would take away pre-existing conditions coverage,” he said. “So that young a young person who is on an Indianapolis IPS bus with asthma and their chest is tightening and they need their inhaler. If [Braun] has his way, those pre-existing conditions aren’t covered anymore.”