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“Hoosiers are waiting for an answer” on Rep. Braun’s pre-existing condition hypocrisy, Joe Donnelly says in new video

Joe Donnelly discusses his longstanding support for protections for pre-existing conditions and calls on Rep. Braun to explain how he can now claim that he supports those protections while supporting a lawsuit designed to destroy them in a new video from Donnelly for Indiana released today.

To watch the video of Joe, click here

Protections for pre-existing conditions are consistently ranked as one of the most popular provisions of the current health care system and prevent insurance companies from jacking up costs or denying coverage altogether to Hoosiers with a history of cancer, asthma, diabetes, or other health issues. Sensing this, the Washington Examiner reported that Rep. Braun pandered to a crowd in Westfield Tuesday by telling them he supported protections for pre-existing conditions.

It’s impossible to square that new claim, however, with Rep. Braun’s history of supporting every single major proposal over the past year that would gut protections for pre-existing conditions. While Joe Donnelly has been on the front lines fighting for Hoosiers’ health care and standing up for these protections, Rep. Braun supported both the House and Senate GOP health care bills last year that would destroy them. And he has stood up against Hoosiers and for the lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice, the State of Indiana, and nearly 20 others that expressly seeks to strip away pre-existing condition protections.

There are clear hypocrisies in Rep. Braun’s position, which today’s video points out. Rep. Braun has yet to explain how he believes he can support these GOP policies – especially the lawsuit that expressly targets pre-existing conditions – and yet still claim to support the protections.

“Tell us, Mike. Why do you say now you’re for coverage for pre-existing conditions when time after time after time you’ve been against all of our friends and all of our neighbors who are struggling with these conditions to be able to get insurance coverage?” Joe Donnelly asks in the video. “Mike, Hoosiers are waiting for an answer.”