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Hoosier physician credits Joe with protecting health care for 400,000 Hoosiers using HIP 2.0

An Indianapolis doctor thanks Joe Donnelly for protecting health care for Hoosiers who rely on HIP 2.0 for coverage and those with pre-existing conditions in a new video released by the campaign today.

To watch the video of Dr. Bridge, click here.

Today’s video features Dr. Andrew Bridge, a West Lafayette native and doctor of dermatology currently practicing in Indianapolis. Dr. Bridge regularly sees patients who have coverage through HIP 2.0—a program funded through the Affordable Care Act that Joe worked with then-Governor Mike Pence to put in place. Without the ACA, HIP 2.0 would go away and 400,000 Hoosiers would be left without access to health care.

Joe has also worked hard to protect coverage for the 1.1 million Hoosiers under 65 with pre-existing conditions, some of whom are treated by Dr. Bridge. Republicans in Congress and their allies like Rep. Braun have repeatedly tried to dismantle protections for Hoosiers with health issues like asthma, diabetes, or a history of cancer. Should they get their way, insurance companies would once again be able to deny these Hoosiers health care coverage or raise their rates to unaffordable levels. Joe has stood up to every proposal targeting these protections, including the ongoing Department of Justice lawsuit which would expressly dismantle them.

“Republicans in Congress are seeking to dismantle Indiana’s health care system for political gain – including destroying coverage for more than one million residents with pre-existing conditions – and Hoosiers like Dr. Bridge know we need someone in Washington who’ll stand up for them,” said Kate Oehl, Press Secretary, Joe for Indiana. “Joe understands that this fight to protect health care is about real people, like the 400,000 of us on HIP 2.0. Indiana needs him in Washington fighting to protect and improve health care, not someone who will happily eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions and dismantle the health care system.”