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FACT CHECK: Special interest ads can’t make Hoosiers forget Joe’s consistent support for pro-growth tax policies

INDIANAPOLIS - Even as dark money special interest groups prepare to flood the Indiana airwaves with nearly $2 million in ads to distort Joe Donnelly’s record more than a year before the election, Hoosiers know Joe has supported tax proposals that boost small businesses and support middle-class families.

Dark money group Americans for Prosperity announced today a $1.9 million ad buy across Indiana targeting Joe on tax reform, 13 months before Hoosiers head back to the polls in a general election. Their ad seems designed to be ignored by Hoosiers, however, starting with the fact that their narrator for the ad isn’t even tailored for Indiana, appearing in identical ads for Missouri and Wisconsin.

The ad also ignores that Joe’s been one of the few members of either party who has tried to work in a bipartisan fashion on tax reform. Rather than ruling out a tax reform bill on principle, he was one of only three Democratic senatorsinvited to come to the White House last month for a working dinner on the issue. As one of the two most-bipartisan legislators in Washington, Joe has joined both President Trump and Vice President Pence at events in Indiana to discuss his vision for commonsense tax reform.

Throughout his time in Congress, Joe has fought for changes in the tax code that will boost economic growth and support small businesses. In 2015, he supported the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act and helped make the research and development tax credit permanent, giving Indiana businesses the stability they needed to make investments for the future. He also voted to extend provisions allowing small businesses the ability to write off the cost of new equipment, crucial for Indiana farmers and manufacturers.

Hoosiers also know that Joe’s worked for tax relief for middle-class families. In 2013, Joe voted to permanently extend the Bush tax cuts for middle-class individuals and couples. He has also repeatedly voted for legislation that would provide tax relief and tax credits for working families.

“As someone who has repeatedly proven he’s willing to reach across the aisle to deliver results for Indiana, Joe has shown he’ll support tax legislation that’s good for Hoosiers. But the details of this bill will be too important to ignore, and Hoosiers support Joe because he knows it’s common sense to wait until there’s an actual bill before weighing in,” said Peter Hanscom, Campaign Manager for Joe for Indiana. “If special interest groups really want to prove that Hoosiers are calling for Joe to embrace a tax bill that doesn’t even exist yet, they’d be better off using real working Hoosiers to get the point across.”