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FACT CHECK: Rep. Braun again highlights foreign manufacturers he sells, lies about Joe’s record in latest ad

Rep. Braun is out with another ad today that lies about Joe’s record and distorts the truth while highlighting once again the products imported from foreign countries that he sells at the expense of Hoosier workers.

Rep. Braun’s latest ad continues to claim that he created “American jobs,” but the final shot of his latest ad features a man wearing a hat with a Warn Industries logo -- one of Meyer Distributing’s suppliers that manufactures its parts in Taiwan. Because he relies upon so many companies that use foreign labor at the expense of Hoosier workers, this is the second consecutive ad that Rep. Braun has ended up highlighting his foreign suppliers. The Indy Star reported that his previous ad sent a “mixed message” because it featured Warn and another supplier who produced its parts in Asia rather than America.

Rep. Braun’s claims about Joe Donnelly aren’t much more successful, resorting to outright lies in an attempt to make his point. The ad begins by referring to Stewart Superior – Joe’s brother’s company – as “Senator Donnelly’s manufacturing company.” Not only has the company never belonged to Joe, he hasn’t had any active role in it for over 20 years. In 2017, he sold his minority shares in the company and donated the proceeds to charity. Records show that not a single American job has been outsourced by Joe’s brother’s company.

Hoosiers know that there is an outsourcer in the race, and it’s Rep. Braun. Rep. Braun made $18 million last year alone selling parts from Warn and other companies that import cheap auto parts from China and Mexico at the expense of Hoosier workers. He even bankrolled his Senate primary campaign to represent a state with a proud auto manufacturing heritage with the profits from selling those foreign parts.

“Rep. Braun’s latest ad shows how desperate he is to hide his real record, but it’s hard to tell what’s worse – the repeatedly debunked lies he’s trying to tell about Joe, or the free advertising he continues to give in his political ads to foreign manufacturers that he profits from,” said Kate Oehl, Press Secretary for Joe for Indiana. “Hoosiers know Joe beyond the TV ads they see because he’s been to all 92 counties each of the past four years. They’re confident he’s the only candidate in this race who’ll put Hoosier jobs before the profits of outsourcers.”

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