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FACT CHECK: New Rep. Braun ad lies about Joe’s role in his brother’s business and lumps him with GOP counterparts on trade

A new ad from Rep. Braun lies about Joe Donnelly’s connection to his brother’s company in an effort to lump him in with the two Washington Republicans running for Senate and their history of supporting bad trade deals.

The ad falsely claims that Stewart Superior, a printing company at the center of an AP story last July, was “Senator Donnelly’s business.” Stewart Superior Corporation was, and continues to be, owned by his brother. Joe has never been a majority shareholder of Stewart Superior and has never been listed as the company’s owner.

Joe hasn’t had an active role in his brother’s company in over 20 years. Last year he sold his stock in it and donated the proceeds to 10 food banks across Indiana.

The ad attempts to group Joe in with the Republicans running against Rep. Braun in the primary, but unlike them, Joe has voted against every bad trade deal that’s come before him. Even before he came to Congress, Joe called for the U.S. to renegotiate NAFTA. His End Outsourcing Act would ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to support American workers and encourage companies to keep jobs in the U.S. while penalizing companies who ship American jobs to foreign countries.

“Rep. Braun’s new ad is nothing more than a lie to Hoosier voters about Joe’s record on trade and outsourcing in order to distract from his own use of foreign suppliers and Chinese parts in his own distribution business,” said Will Baskin-Gerwitz, Communications Director for Joe for Indiana. “Whether standing with laid-off workers from Carrier and Rexnord, introducing the End Outsourcing Act, or voting against every bad trade deal that’s come across his desk, no one’s fought harder for Hoosier manufacturing and a level playing field than Joe Donnelly.”