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FACT CHECK: Joe Donnelly put Hoosier workers first, while Rep. Braun’s company is known for its reliance on Chinese labor

A new ad from Mitch McConnell-backed Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) continues to lie to Hoosiers about Joe’s record fighting for Hoosier workers, while his opponent stood by Carrier bosses and made $18 million in profit last year alone by outsourcing his own auto parts business to China at Indiana’s expense.

The attacks launched by SLF and their allies were as wrong last year as they are today, no matter what ad they run or article they cite. Non-partisan fact checkers have already labeled SLF’s attacks as “mostly false.” Not only has Joe Donnelly not had a role in the company for over 20 years, neither neutral observers nor Mitch McConnell’s attack dogs have proven that a single job has been outsourced by the company.

But while Joe has been busy fighting for Hoosier workers – including those who were laid off by Carrier in 2016 to be replaced by Mexican labor – his opponent has done the exact opposite. Despite receiving similar tax breaks to Carrier because he claimed he’d create good paying jobs here in Indiana, Rep. Braun turned around and chose to make his company’s own line of auto parts in China while Indiana companies making the same parts went out of business. When caught deceiving Hoosiers, Rep. Braun lied about it over and over again. Conservative estimates have suggested that Rep. Braun’s business sustains nearly 10,000 Chinese jobs through his auto parts manufacturing.

“Mitch McConnell’s continued strategy of inundating Hoosiers with lies isn’t paying off, as ad after ad throws blatant falsehoods into the airwaves – but Hoosiers know the real story about Joe’s defense of Hoosier workers in the face of devastating layoffs,” said Will Baskin-Gerwitz, Communications Director for Joe for Indiana. “In a choice between a candidate who defended Carrier workers and one who supported their bosses who put the layoffs in motion, Hoosiers are on Joe’s side.”

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