FACT CHECK: Joe champions Hoosiers’ health care while Rep. Braun destroying protections for pre-existing conditions

Joe Donnelly has repeatedly fought to ensure access to affordable health care coverage for every Hoosier, especially the 1.1 million under the age of 65 with a pre-existing condition. He has repeatedly stood up against proposals to dismantle our health care, including the GOP effort last year that would have raised premiums for the average Hoosier by $1,000 a year. After the Republican effort failed, Joe was part of a bipartisan group that worked to stabilize the health care markets and attempted to defend them from partisan sabotage efforts.

Meanwhile, Rep. Braun has supported every single Republican attempt to dismantle the health care system and take away protections from Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions, including the current Department of Justice lawsuit which would take away that coverage. He has begun claiming that he supports retaining these protections, but he still can’t point to a single proposal he’s in favor of that would do so.


Joe has spoken out from the start against the Administration’s attempts to dismantle our health care system, which would drive up costs for Hoosiers and destabilize the markets.

Joe voted against the Senate GOP bill to dismantle the health care system last year, which Rep. Braun supported, that would have raised health care costs for the average Hoosier by over $1,000 every year, cut $800 billion from Medicaid and ended HIP 2.0 as we know it, and destroyed coverage protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Braun supported both of last year’s disastrous GOP health care bills in both the House and the Senate.

Braun has supported three different attempts to destroy coverage protections for the 1.1 million Hoosiers under 65 with pre-existing conditions, including a Department of Justice lawsuit brought expressly to dismantle those protections.

Braun has supported efforts by members of his party to sabotage the health care marketplaces, including the McConnell tax plan that will cause health care costs to rise by over a third next year and cause 13 million Americans to go without health care.

Joe has fought against partisan efforts to sabotage the health care system that would take away coverage or increase health care costs. Last year, he joined with a bipartisan group of senators to discuss legislation that would improve the health care system instead of dismantling it and protect insurance marketplaces from politically motivated acts of GOP sabotage.