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Consensus praise for Joe’s bipartisan credentials after White House dinner

INDIANAPOLIS - In the wake of Joe’s meeting Tuesday at the White House with President Trump and senators of both parties, it seems to be accepted wisdom that there are few people in Washington as committed to bipartisanship as Joe Donnelly.

Politically neutral sources and Hoosiers from across the political spectrum are defending Joe’s bipartisan bona fides. After jealous Hoosier Republicans tried to claim that Joe’s attendance at Tuesday’s dinner was a political stunt, IPFW professor Andrew Downs disputed the claim to Indiana Public Media:

Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics Director Andrew Downs says Rokita’s strategy [is] easy to refute.

“There are official scores out there that show he is one of the most moderate members or bipartisan members of the current crop of folks who are serving us in D.C.” Downs says.

Downs wasn’t the only one to praise Joe’s efforts to reach across the aisle. In a section titled “Lugar praises Donnelly bipartisanship,” Brian Howey today mentioned the praise Joe had received earlier this week in an interview with Senator Lugar in the Indy Star. Howey went on to note that Joe had been named The Lugar Center’s second-most bipartisan legislator in Washington:

In an interview with the Indy Star’s Matt Tully, former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar praised Donnelly’s bipartisanship. “It’s hard to be productive if you’re not willing to reach across the aisle.” As Tully notes, “Lugar’s eventual replacement,… Joe Donnelly, was recently ranked by the [Lugar Center] index as the second-most-bipartisan senator.”

“Honest voices from non-partisan sources and across the political spectrum have all remarked on Joe’s constant efforts to reach across the aisle,” said Peter Hanscom, Campaign Manager for Donnelly for Indiana. “Anyone who pretends otherwise must explain how their own partisan claims outweigh respected voices on both sides of the aisle like Senator Lugar.”