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Ads from Washington Republicans can’t change the facts: Joe works for Carrier workers while his opponent outsources jobs

A new ad funded by a pro-Trump super PAC tries to twist Joe’s record against outsourcing and fighting for Hoosier workers who were laid off from Carrier, even though Joe stood with Hoosiers while his opponent lied about making his auto parts in China at the expense of Indiana workers.

Today’s new ad from America First Action, a super PAC set up to support the Trump Agenda, cuts up a speech Joe gave in 2016 to Carrier workers to attack Joe for his brother’s company. The newest ad once again has no basis in fact, just like the previous GOP attacks – Joe hasn’t even had an active role in his brother’s company for 20 years. Non-partisan fact checkers have exposed the GOP’s attack as “mostly false,” and they weren’t able to find any evidence that the company had outsourced jobs.

But America First’s ad doesn’t just lie about Joe brother’s record – it tries to distort his own efforts on behalf of the Carrier employees who found out in 2016 that they were going to be laid off and their jobs shipped to Mexico. Hoosiers know Joe attended the very first meeting held by USW workers in February 2016 after the layoffs were announced and fought to get a recovery coordinator for Indianapolis to assist the workers whose jobs were outsourced. He also met with the heads of Carrier and its parent company to demand the truth about why they were shipping jobs to Mexico. In response to the layoffs, Joe introduced the End Outsourcing Act, which would encourage companies in the running for federal contracts to keep jobs in the United States.

But while Joe was fighting for Carrier employees, his opponent was defending the company’s bosses who were shipping thousands of Hoosier jobs to Mexico to make a few extra dollars of profit. In the Indiana Statehouse, Rep. Braun broke with members of both parties to oppose an amendment that would claw back tax credits for Carrier and any other company who took money from Indiana taxpayers and then shipped jobs out of the country.

Rep. Braun’s outsourcing hypocrisy isn’t just limited to his Carrier vote – he also took subsidies from Hoosier taxpayers because he said he’d create jobs here, then turned around and chose to make his own auto parts in China while Indiana companies making the same parts went out of business. When caught, Rep. Braun lied about it, over and over again. Conservative estimates have suggested that Rep. Braun’s business sustains nearly 10,000 Chinese jobs through his auto parts manufacturing.

“America First is just the next PAC in line to come to the plate, lying to Hoosiers about Joe Donnelly’s record against outsourcing, but repeating a lie doesn’t make it true,” said Will Baskin-Gerwitz, Communications Director, Donnelly for Indiana. “Joe and President Trump stood together to keep Hoosier jobs here in Indiana, while Rep. Braun stood behind Carrier’s bosses who wanted to ship jobs to Mexico and favored Chinese workers over Hoosiers himself – if President Trump’s super PAC really wants to make Carrier an issue, they should be attacking Joe’s opponent.”

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