Extended Voting Hours in Porter County


The following locations now have *extended voting hours:*

Due to these locations opening late, a court has ordered that the following polling locations will be closing at the following times. If you are a registered voter in a precinct that votes at one of these locations, you have until the court-ordered time to vote.


Faith Memorial Lutheran Church until 7:45pm CT
753 N. Calumet, Valparaiso

South Haven Public Library until 8:30pm CT
403 West 700 North, Valparaiso

Ingram Manor Community Bldg. until 7:30pm CT
3801 County Line Rd, Portage

Porter County Visitor Center until 7:30pm CT
1420 Munson, Chesterton

Brummitt Elementary School until 7:00pm CT
2500 Indian Boundary, Chesterton

Lake of the Four Seasons Fire Dept until 7:15pm CT
745 W 275 S, Crown Point

Kyle Elementary School until 7:30pm CT
2701 Hamstrom Rd, Portage

South Haven Nazarene Church until 7:40pm CT
621 N. 450 W., Portage

South Haven Volunteer Fire Dept until 7:00pm CT
398 W Seven Mile Rd, Valparaiso