Our seniors have spent their lives paying into a system that they’ve counted on to be there for them, and Joe knows they’re counting on us to follow through. In recent years, Hoosiers have watched as Washington politicians have put their retirement at risk; in Joe, they have someone who’ll fight hard every day so that they have the dignity of a secure retirement.

For many older Americans, Social Security is a critical source of income. Joe believes we need to strengthen retirement, and he’ll fight against any proposal to weaken Social Security, cut payments or raise the eligibility age. He’s opposed efforts to privatize Social Security accounts and gamble seniors’ retirements on an ever-volatile stock market.

While some people in Washington are willing to put older Hoosiers’ health care at risk, Joe wants to make sure we protect and preserve Medicare for those who rely on it today and for future generations. He hasn’t given an inch on any proposal to cut the program, and during the recent health care repeal debates, he introduced an amendment that would stop the privatization of Medicare—or any other changes like raising the retirement age, or reducing state payments, that would harm Hoosiers. No matter how Washington tries to cut the services next time that older Hoosiers have earned, Joe will continue to be on the side of Indiana.

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