Health Care

Joe believes that in the richest country on earth, every citizen deserves access to quality, affordable health care. For years, he has said that Republicans and Democrats should work together to improve our health care system and expand access, but we can’t rely on partisan efforts that undermine the system and move it backward.

He has always recognized that the law isn’t perfect, however, and has worked hard to improve it. He has led the charge to repeal the Medical Device tax to ensure Hoosier companies can continue to innovate and grow, and he introduced the bipartisan Forty Hours is Full Time Act, which would align the definition of a full-time work with the traditional 40 hour work week, providing certainty to both workers and employers.

In 2017, Joe has stood strong against partisan efforts to undermine the health care system. He opposed proposals that would increase average Hoosier health care premiums by over $1,000 every year, as well as an “age tax” that would allow insurance companies to charge seniors up to five times more for their coverage. Joe fought to support and protect the bipartisan Health Indiana Plan, HIP 2.0, a program developed by then-Governor Pence through the ACA to provide health care to 400,000 Hoosiers, and he has opposed proposals that would allow insurance companies to discriminate against individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Joe understands that if we truly want to strengthen our health care system, we have to work together. That is why he has worked with Republicans on ideas to stabilize the health insurance markets, promote price transparency, and develop effective ideas to lower the cost of health care.

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