Meet Joe

As a husband, father, and former small business owner, Joe Donnelly understands what it means to be a Hoosier: a commitment to family, faith and hard work. These values were instilled in Joe starting at a young age from his father, a small business owner himself, and his mother, a homemaker.

Joe met his wife, Jill, while in college in South Bend. After getting married in 1979, they raised their two children in northern Indiana, in the home that Jill’s father helped build.

Joe ran a printing shop in Mishawaka for many years, so he understands that when it comes to balancing a budget or hiring workers, Hoosier small businesses aren’t concerned with whether an idea comes from the right or the left, but if it’s good or bad. As president of the local school board, Joe showed the leadership needed to create a bright future for the next generation of Hoosiers and brought people together to find commonsense solutions. In 2006, he brought that perspective to Washington when he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Indiana’s Second District. He knew people back home didn’t care about party allegiances—just whether he’d work hard and deliver results for Indiana.

Joe's fighting for every single Hoosier, big or small.

A commonsense fighter for Hoosiers

Joe relied on that same philosophy when he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2012. In the seat Richard Lugar once occupied, Joe’s focused on finding bipartisan solutions that will grow Indiana’s middle class. He’s worked hard to maintain his connection to the state and listen to Hoosiers’ concerns. Last year, Joe visited every one of Indiana’s 92 counties—just as he has each of the last three years—and held more than 550 events during his 223 days back in the Hoosier State.

In the Senate, Joe serves on the Armed Services, Agriculture, Aging, and Banking Committees. He’s made supporting the mental health of the members of our armed services and those who have served our country one of his highest priorities in Washington. Joe has also been dedicated to strengthening Indiana manufacturing and fighting the scourge of opioid abuse.

Going forward, Joe will continue fighting for Hoosiers, finding bipartisan solutions that focus on what matters most to them: finding and keeping a good-paying job, taking care of their families, and retiring with dignity and health.

I never went to Washington to fight for the far left, or the far right. I went for the Hoosiers in the middle who just want to see us deliver results.

Joe Donnelly

Veterans and Servicemembers

The men and women of our armed forces and those who have served have put their lives on the line to protect our freedom and our flag. Joe believes we must honor the commitments we’ve made, while they wear the uniform and long after they return home.

Health Care

Joe believes that in the richest country on earth, every citizen deserves access to quality, affordable health care. For years, he has said that Republicans and Democrats should work together to improve our health care system and expand access, but we can’t rely on partisan efforts that undermine the system and move it backward.


Our seniors have spent their lives paying into a system that they’ve counted on to be there for them, and Joe knows they’re counting on us to follow through. In recent years, Hoosiers have watched as Washington politicians have put their retirement at risk; in Joe, they have someone who’ll fight hard every day so that they have the dignity of a secure retirement.

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