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My top priority as a Senator is to look out for Hoosiers. But I need partners who will put common-sense ideas above partisanship — partners like Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate running against Roy Moore in Alabama’s Senate race.

I know Doug will work alongside me to fight on the issues that matter to Hoosiers because that’s who he is at his core. As the son of a steelworker, Doug understands the value and dignity that comes with a good-paying job. And he spent 20 years of his career fighting for justice — as a U.S. Attorney, Doug worked to lock away members of the KKK and terrorists for despicable acts of violence.

Friend, there’s so much at stake in this race. Doug’s opponent, Roy Moore, is an extremist with a record of putting political ideology above the rule of law.

Doug can beat Moore in Alabama’s Senate race — polls have shown a tied race. But he can only win with a surge of support from across the country. Will you pitch in a few dollars to help Doug Jones defeat Roy Moore in Alabama’s Senate race?

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Doug’s campaign reminds me a bit of my own in 2012. Talking heads said we didn’t stand a chance. But when voters heard the ideas coming from our campaign and the extreme rhetoric from our opponent, the choice was easy.

If our 2012 race and Tuesday’s landslide victories across the country have taught us anything, it’s that when people put in hard work, good ideas and good candidates win elections.

Let’s show my friend Doug Jones that we’re the hardest-working campaign in the country. Chip in a few dollars to elect Doug and give me a partner to work with in the Senate.

Thanks for all you do,